Английский язык. 10 класс. Григорчук И.И. Урок по теме «Зарубежный туризм как вид организации отпуска»

Автор: Григорчук Илона Игоревна

Тема урока: «Зарубежный туризм как вид организации отпуска»

Цель урока: проверить сформированность умений и навыков по аудированию, говорению по теме «Туризм».

Задачи урока:

  • развивать навыки диалогического и монологического высказывания с использованием активной лексики; развивать навыки аудирования и способности комментировать услышанное;
  • познакомить с английскими идиомами;
  • формировать культуру общения, вежливость и интерес к собеседнику;
  • прививать интерес к иноязычным культурам, закрепить у учащихся мнение о необходимости изучения английского языка как языка международного общения, формировать социокультурную компетенцию.

Оснащение урока:

  • раздаточный материал для индивидуальной работы
  • учебник 'Happy English 10', авторы Кауфман.
  • презентация
  • CD с записью.

Ход урока.

I. Организационный момент. (1 слайд)

- Good morning dear children and guests. Today we are going to talk about travelling and tourism. Nowadays we can’t imagine contemporary life without travelling abroad. Some years ago travelling abroad was rare and now more and more people enjoy travelling to foreign countries. While travelling people overcome some difficulties: they have to think of booking the tickets, accommodation. And tourism is a wonderful chance to relax, have fun and explore new places. And today we’ll consider tourism as a type of holidaymaking.

- (1ый слайд с темой урока)

Going abroad you should have some knowledge of a foreign language and especially English.

Why should you know English?

- Have you ever been abroad?

- Have you spoken English? Did you like to use English?

- Have you got any difficulties in communicating with foreigners?

(слайд 2)

I see you visited a lot of countries: Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Spain, France and Italy. You have a lot of impressions and I’m sure you have understood the importance of possessing English.

II. Аудирование.

- Different people all over the world spend their holidays travelling. Now you’ll listen to some tourists. They express their feelings. Your task is to understand them and do the test.

(3 слайд)

Прослушивается текст (приложение 1)


A. There will be restrictions for making the trip in future.

B. Language was the only problem during the trip.

C. The trip back to the airport was delayed due to poor weather conditions.

D. The speaker felt quite free and flexible on his tour.

E. The speaker stayed with a local family during the trip.

F. The speaker experienced some severe weather conditions during the trip.

G. The group was under control of a guide who gave required provisions and instructions.










(Keys: D, F, A, G, B, E)

Учитель собирает работы учащихся для проверки понимания основного содержания.

- What countries did the tourists visit?

Well, the speakers visited the countries that were not native for them.

III. (4 слайд)

- Do you enjoy travelling abroad? Why? (Спросить несколько учеников)

I see that a lot of you like travelling. So I want you to exchange opinions with your friends. Use the phrases of agreement and disagreement. I hope you know them. But it is necessary to make your speech more expressive, therefore some idioms should be introduced to you.

(Слайд с идиомами 4)

to have butterflies in smb’s stomach

to be over the moon

to feel blue

to have a heart in the mouth

to be with a heart in the boots

to have a mouth in the stomach

to be nervous

to feel happy, to be delighted

to be sad

to be afraid

to be scared

to shout with delight

Let’s clear up the meaning of these phrases.

(Учитель говорит предложения с фразами 1го столбика. Учащиеся догадываются о значении этих фраз и предлагают синоним на английском языке или переводят на русский)

  1. When my friends were going on a trip abroad for the first time they had butterflies in their stomachs.
  2. Some years ago my friends had adventurous holidays in the mountains and I’m sure they had hearts in their mouths when they made their first climbing though they didn’t own up honestly
  3. Last summer I was over the moon because I saw Paris and I felt blue leaving it.
  4. Once Jane’s husband was with his heart in the boots when hunting he saw a great gorilla nearby.
  5. After tourists had got to the place of destination they had mouths in their stomachs, their dangerous trip was over.

(Учитель говорит предложения с фразами 1го столбика. Учащиеся догадываются о значении этой фразы и предлагают синоним на английском языке или переводят на русский)

- So, you can start expressing your opinions of travelling abroad. You’ll work in pairs.

(Учитель проходит по рядам, прослушивает учеников и оценивает)

IV. Работасучебником

- You are fond of travelling but to travel abroad you should overcome some difficulties. First of all you should form the visa, passport and book the tickets. You choose the means of transport.

- How can people travel?

- Which means is the best for you and why?

Imagine that you have chosen one of this means of transport. You get to the station or airport and see these signs. (Работасучебником. 10 классК. Кауфман, стр. 21)

Ex. 7, p. 20 (выполняется в соответствии с заданием)

- Do you agree with me that different signs and posters are very informative and help us in public places? Have you ever had any difficulties with them?

Ex. 11, p. 23 (в соответствии с заданием)

Учащиеся составляют короткие диалоги и разыгрывают в классе ситуации 1, 3, 4.

V. (слайд 5)

- So, you've got to the place of destination, have made a plan of your rest and have chosen sightseeing and sunbathing.

- Your task is to tell a story about your trip using the following phrases and expressions. Try to make your story interesting and exciting.

historic buildings       cemeteries     discos     the old town     museums     main street

         restaurants and cafes       theatres     art galleries       open-air markets

churches and cathedrals     the zoo       parks       fun fairs           shopping centers

small private hotel         campsite       hostel       chain hotel         apartments

       single room     double room       twin room         triple room     suite     family room


- The lesson is coming to the end. The theme of our lesson was “Overseas tourism as a type of popular holiday making”. Well, East or West, Home is best. And we must remember that our small motherland is one of the most exotic places in the world and its excellent northern nature, its entrails wealth should attract lots of tourists from all over the world. Unfortunately tourist business is not very developed in our region and our okrug is not considered to be a suitable place for travelling. I hope you love our Okrug and you’ll do your best to attract foreign tourists to Naryan-Mar.

- So, your home task will be: (по группам)

  1. To work out the tour around The Nenetz Autonomous Area.
  2. To create a guide book of Naryan-Mar.

Приложение 1.

Speaker 1

We visited Southern Spain in the first week of half term. The purpose of the trip was to enjoy the art and architecture of the region, particularly the mediaeval Moorish influence. And, of course, to enjoy a taste of Spanish food and society. Without a guide, but well supplied with guidebooks, we could really take our time and enjoy the country. Organizing all our own sightseeing and meals gave us considerable flexibility, and not being tied to a guide and a timetable turned out to be quite a bonus. Finally, we made our way back to the airport by taxi, train, and bus. It was a highly successful trip in every way!

Speaker 2

Eight days of hiking in Morocco. Just imagine it. On the first day we met our guide. A local man with dreadlocks. Actually he was a nice chap and very experienced. The days were filled with travelling. We started the trek, and walked, with small ten minute rest every hour, if we were lucky, for about seven hours. At night, though, we were shocked by the monsoon style rain and hurricane. We enjoyed the Moroccan food. After eight days of the expedition we left exhausted and tears.

Speaker 3

Going to Berlin was a fantastic experience as it is truly the most diverse city in the world. Apart from the usual tourist attractions there are plenty of other areas worth visiting. Also, I found the German people not to be as serious and efficient as I thought they would be. They were very friendly and hospitable. It’s a shame that future 6 formers won’t have an opportunity to go on this exchange in future because our partner school is restricting it to 4th years.

Speaker 4

We spent three weeks travelling around South East Asia. On arrival the group was met by our chief guide, who briefed us on the forthcoming trek and provided the necessary sleeping bags, carry mats and supplies. Next morning we headed into the jungle first by minibus and then by boat. Our first port of call was the Canopy walk, basically a rope walk way suspended between trees 40 foot above the ground. Then the group left the river and set off on foot to explore the interior.

Speaker 5

This year I had decided to organize the work experience week in a different part of France and with a different company. Indeed, tough the week in Brittany had been a success every time, the main problem was in the evening as the boys were all staying together and, therefore, speaking English. Trying to make them speak French to each other, after having spent the day at their work placement trying to understand what was going on, was a very difficult task.

Speaker 6

As we departed from Hampton, having been on the exchange before I thought that there wouldn’t be anything new to me, expect the language perhaps. As I found out over the next week France always has new experiences to offer. The French host families were very kind and understanding while we spent the weekend with our hosts so we felt as if we were back at home – well, apart from having to speak French, obviously! Our guides had planned a range of excursions, including cultural, sporting and entertainment centres of the city.